Trip Pics: Turkey Run State Park, Indiana

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Our new tent, and my truck

Trail #7, from our campground

 to the main park

Kate at the base of trail #7. 


was a significant


difference. It was very

cool at the bottom!

Trail #7 followed this


Typical scene from trail #7


Interesting rocks...


Sugar Creek - it had been

flooding earlier in the week

Kate on the suspension bridge

across the creek

Les on trail #9 (I think)

following along Sugar Creek

Scene from "the ladder trail"


Scene from "the ladder trail"


The ladders


I liked the texture of the

rocks in this scene


A mossy boulder on the

way to the

"Punch Bowl"


More interesting shapes

and colors


The "Punch Bowl"


Another shot of

Sugar Creek. This is just

below the covered bridge.


The covered bridge


Gypsy Gulch - notice the

tree hanging over the cliff

Looking the other direction

My favorite shot from

trail #7, on the way back to

the campground


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