Pet Pictures

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Sarah in the Snow

One of our many aquariums: a 30 gallon high.  The angel fish is named Otto. You can barely see Gonzo's nose sticking out of the helmet.

Cleo: aka Miss Thing

Tyke on top of the Guinea Pigs, Thistle, Whistle, Rowan, and Fred.

One of our Blue Botia's.  Botia  behavior is very fun to watch.  We have three.


Cleo and Tyke looking annoyed at having been awakened from their naps.



Gonzo, a Tire-track eel

Kate w/ happy pigs

Tyke found a warm spot


Have laptop, will travel


Our saltwater tank, 26 gallons

Look at that tongue!

Leslie getting Sarah lovin's



Sarah hiding behind

her pool on a rainy day


Yin and Yang

(Tyke and Cleo)

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