Robber's Cave State Park
Robber's Cave State Park

Our Cabin
Our Cabin w/ Jeanie's van and Les's truck

View from Cabin
The view from behind our cabin




Les and Kate
Les and Kate


Lilly pad pond
A pond near the main park entrance

Caution sign
A sign warning of the hazards of falling branches. Many of the tree were badly damaged by an ice storm earlier in the winter.

Tree Damage
Tree damage caused by the ice storm

Cliff Road
Saturday morning we went on a hike to a view from the cliff

The redbud trees were in bloom - spectacular!

A better view of the cliffs

Andrea w/ binoculars
Andrea doing some birding from the cliff

Lake View
This is the view from the top of the cliff

Fossil Bank
We also went fossil hunting and found this marvelous bank with tons of fossils, including tree bark, imprints, and fossil roots

Fossil bark
Some fossil bark

Petrified roots
Some chunks of petrified root

Dinner preparation
Dinner prep in the cabin

We roasted kabobs

Eating dinner
The weather was beautiful, so we ate outside at the picnic table

Andrea made this center piece for the coffee table in the cabin

After dinner, we made a campfire and toasted marshmallows

Kate fetching wood
Kate successfully managed to knock down some dead branches for us to burn

Robber's Cave
The actual "robber's cave"

Slit Cave
Another cave in the area

Dogwood Boulders
The dogwood was not in peak, but we did find this tree in bloom

More Boulders
More lichen covered boulders

A place of pools
A place of pools

Castle Rock
A place Kate called Castle Rock

Les near Castle Rock
Les admiring Castle Rock

Kate on a trail with some interesting patterned rock

Kate's Place of Pools
Kate's Place of Pools

Kate in Place of Pools
Kate looking very happy in her special "Place of Pools"

Lost Lake
Lost Lake

Omlette Pan
Shelly's omlette pan cooked up it last meal Sunday morning and was given a fond goodbye.