Family Pictures

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Kate and Les blowing bubbles

May 2003

Rudy (Dad), May 2003

Kate petting Mary, Easter 2003

Mom and Dad, Easter 2003

The Coffee clan

Kate, Blaine, and Bessie

April 2003


Brenda (sister in law)

Christmas, 2001


The Miller clan

Mike, Helen, Mark

Les, Rudy

Christmas 2001

The expanded Miller clan

Kate, Helen, Brenda, Mark

Mike, Les, Rudy

Christmas, 2001

Kate w/ her parents

Bessie and Rayburn Coffee

April 2002

Mark, Easter 2002


Christmas 2002

Matthew (nephew),

Kevin Dunn,

Jennifer Dunn (niece)

Easter 2002

Mom, Christmas 2002


Mike, Christmas 2002

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